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novoomusic’s strategic music management skills are ranging from: extended knowledge of brands and brand building, 360 degree marketing skills with over 20 years experience in branding. Searching target groups based on psychological knowledge by neuroscience and personality types. Digital solutions and transformation processes through workshops and regular checkups.

One-to-One Coaching with leaders and group workshops to exploring the truth self of the artist, finding their brand identities, searching and activating their target groups with individual messages and content.


My name is Kristine Annett Wegner, Music and Artist Manager, Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Design Expert, Potential Coach, Reiki Healer and performing Workshops.

I am the founder of novoomusic and create since 2009 with my professional team brand success for independent artists and music projects. Music was my first love and from the moment i could walk – i just started to dance.  My Grandfather was been a professional trumpet player and graphic designer – so i played from my childhood till my youth time classical piano and trumpet in a big band. My whole lifetime is was surrounded by musicians – with very successful ones, music therapists and the one who just loves music. At the end of the day we all have something in common: We all want to bring positive energy to planet earth by creation, creativity and healing.

I studied communication design at the international branding school Design Factory International. This high focussed combination of brand communication and design gave me the best fundamental start to understand how brands operate. Over the years in communication, design, advertising and pr-agencies – working for global brands – gave me high experience of fast moving markets, brands and target groups. Especially the psychological knowledge i gained is a huge harvest and great benefit for all projects and teams.