music management


novoomusic creates individual concepts to vibrate as an artist and reach the target group straight ahead. Brand positioning is the most important aspect in success: We figure out the right strategy for channels, performance and target groups to touch them sustainable.


We are developing your authentic brand story: We will define the the benefit for the audience and find the right position on the market. So the artists can reach their full potential and get the space to be concentrated on their truth self: music and performance.


Visualisation is another important part – especially in times of information overload. Your unique design gives your sound a image and the audience an idendification. novoomusic realize your branding from media through all channels: promotion, video production, cd artwork, fashion etc.


Artists have a very special personality and are mostly high sensitive: In times of information overload it is helpful to set boundaries and to be focussed to come in the creative process of music, art and performance. Its a great pleasure to support you on this way and to filter the all relevant information for your business and wellbeing.


Potential coaching and creative workhops for your band or ensemble are always full of wonders: In this moment all energies are free – the process of synergy can start – the full potential of the artists and groups create magic moments. So all is within you – the coaching just gives you advice to focus: i combine techniques from psychology, neuroscience and ancient cultures to bring you to your truth source and connect you with the true self.